Eliot’s writing has appeared in United States and international journals and books, focusing on healthcare, the theory and practice of Tibetan medicine, traditional Asian medicine in the context of globalization, and topics such as medical pluralism, integrative medicine, mind-body medicine, evidence based medicine, biopiracy and intellectual property rights.

Four-part Video series of Eliot Tokar speaking on Tibetan Medicine in Tricycle Magazine

Tricycle transcript: What Is Tibetan Medicine?

Tricycle transcript: rLüng: Resolving Circulatory Imbalance in the Body and Mind

Tricycle transcript: mKhrispa: Treating Anger by Balancing Inner Heat

Tricycle transcript: Bädkän: Diet, Digestion, and Tibetan Medicine’s Final Principle Function

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Learning to Harmonize and Therefore to Heal; The Journal of Traditional Tibetan Medicine

An Ancient Medicine in a New World: A Tibetan Medicine Doctor’s Reflection from ‘Inside’ in “Tibetan Medicine in the Contemporary World: Global Politics of Medical Knowledge and Practice”

Preservation And Progress: Using Tibetan Medicine As A Model To Define A Progressive Role For Traditional Asian Medicine In Modern Healthcare; Asian Medicine: Tradition and Modernity

Practicing an ancient tradition in the new world: A Tibetan medicine doctor’s view; Unified Energetics

Transformation and balance: The principles of Tibetan medicine in the context of American healthcare; Unified Energetics

Seeing to the distant mountain: Diagnosis in Tibetan medicine; Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine

A Tibetan medical perspective on irritable bowel syndrome: building a means of discourse for integrative medicine; Alternative and Complementary Therapies

Legal and Regulatory Issues Affecting the Practice Of Tibetan Medicine In The United States
Presented at the 1998 International Congress On Tibetan Medicine, Washington D.C.

Between Heaven And Earth: An Introduction To Various Philosophies And Approaches To Medical Care
A journal of the American Medical Students Association National Project on Alternative and Complementary Medicine

REVIEW: Asceticism and Healing in Ancient India: Medicine in the Buddhist Monastery; by Kenneth G. Zysk; TRICYCLE: The Buddhist Review


Eliot Tokar interview


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